• Friday , 26 December 2014
  • Friday , 26 December 2014

Ten Best Ways to increase Love for Yourself

If you want a Better or Best life you should love yourself. This is must. Sometimes we can’t Love ourselves for various reasons. This weakens our self confident and inner power. Here i am discussing How you Can increase your Love for yourself.
Inner peace is important to Increase Your Love For Yourself

First, the points are:

1. Know yourself


3.Sleep Well

4.Write Happy thoughts daily

5.Forgive Everyday

6.Recap Daily Life, Daily night in 5 minutes

7.In your schedule, Keep some Day for your Own.

8.Do social Works/Charity works

9.Smile a lot

10.Be conscious 

Know Thyself 

Know thyself is a ancient dialogue. Know about yourself.About your strength, About your weakness, About your likings, dislikings and hearts language.

Do some Meditation

Do some meditation to increase your inner power, to keep your body and mid calm.

Sleep well

Sleeping is important for keeping mind fresh.Without fresh and healthy mind its impossible to increase love for thyself.

Write Happy thoughts

In your Diary or notepad write about the happy thoughts about your life. This will surely increase your love for yourself.

Forgive yourself

Everyday you do some mistakes. Don’t remember this mistakes. Just learn from the fault, But forgive yourself for these mistakes.

Recap Daily Life

When you are in bed for sleeping at night, just recap your whole day in 5/6 minutes. You will found you in various works throughout the whole day. This will increase importance of you to your subconscious mind.

Keep Some “OWN DAY”

In your busy schedule keep some day for your own. Spend these days “LIKE YOU.” Enjoy these day in you favorite ways.

Be conscious

Be conscious about your works, about your surroundings.

Do some Social works

Do something for society. Do some social/charity works. This works will established you as a important person to your subconscious mind. This is a very good way to increase your love for yourself.

Just Smile a Lot

Smile Smile And smile. Smile a lot. It will cost nothing, but can create something precious.Smiling can relieves stress, Boosts your immune system, Lowers Blood pressure and smiling helps you to be positive. It will also increase your inner strength.

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